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Peter Thiel and Lindy Fishburne created Breakout Labs within the Thiel Foundation in 2011. Since then, our team has grown to match the needs of our portfolio.

Lindy Fishburne

Executive Director


Hemai Parthasarathy

Scientific Director


Julia Moore

Portfolio Director


Renee Shenton

Community Manager


Geoff O’Donoghue

Senior Associate


Nick Cederlind

Administrative Assistant



Breakout Labs Ambassadors are volunteers at research universities who represent Breakout Labs at their local events.

Seema Kacker

Baltimore, MD

PhD student in health economics, Johns Hopkins University

Research interests: field experiments, applied microeconomics, behavioral economics

Teryn Johnson

San Diego, CA

PhD Student in Cognitive Science, University of California, San Diego

Research Interests: Bridging Physiological Recording Scales, Neural Rhythms, Deep Brain Stimulation

Tobias Schraink

New York, NY

PhD Student in Systems and Computational Biomedicine, NYU

Research interests: Bacterial Genomics and Multi-omics

Andrew C. Ligeralde

Berkeley, CA

PhD Biophysics - University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests: research interests: neuroscience, cognition, biotechnology

Dean Deng

Palo Alto, CA

PhD candidate in Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University.

Research Interest: ion insertion technologies, electrochemical energy storage and conversion devices.

Ashley Holub

Rochester, NY

Doctoral student in epidemiology, University of Rochester, School of Medicine and Dentistry

Research interests: epidemiology and psychiatric

A. Nicole Dusang

Providence, Rhode Island

PhD Student in Electrical Engineering, Brown University

Research Interests: Electrical Engineering and neuroscience

Nima Ronaghi

Atlanta, Georgia

PhD Student in Chemistry and Biochemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology

Research interests: Applied Organic Synthesis

Kinshuk Mitra

Houston, Texas

PhD Student in Bioengineering, Rice University

Research interests: Mammalian synthetic biology, cell therapy and cell-free diagnostics

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