Proposal Guidelines

Proposals should include sufficient technical information for our staff and external reviewers to make a thorough scientific review. All reviewers sign a non-disclosure agreement so you can tell us what makes your project great.

If you have been invited to submit a full proposal, log on to the proposal system to complete the proposal form. Find the relevant entry on your home screen and click the proposal number to view. Select “edit” from the subsequent menu options. All of the information provided in your pre-proposal will be automatically entered. You will need the following additional information and documentation to complete the application:

  • Budget information: total request and breakdown by category (e.g. stipends, hardware, materials, travel, space). Please note that we award grants of between $250,000 and $500,000.
  • Available infrastructure and materials, other sources of support
  • Suggested external reviewers for the proposal; these should be experts without ties to your company
  • Suggested reviewer exclusions for potential conflict of interest
  • Additional information on the business concept/intellectual property including:
  • Your anticipated market and competitive landscape
  • Your efforts to validate the market including feedback from strategic partners/ potential customers you have contacted
  • Commercialization plan and regulatory hurdles
  • IP to be developed and licensed
  • A declaration of any competing interests
  • Self Evaluation. What criticisms do you expect to receive, regarding either the scientific/technical basis of your proposal or your plans for developing your company? How would you respond?
  • CVs of Key Personnel. Attach a single PDF or Word document containing CVs for all key project personnel. Please ensure that all attachments include page numbers.
  • Detailed Project Description. Attach a single, numbered PDF or Word document describing the project in detail (not to exceed 10 pages, excluding references). Your proposal should include the following: Introduction/Background section that describes the problem being addressed and relevant precedents/context;  Specific aims of the project; Strategy and methodology to be applied. Your proposal should include sufficient technical information for our staff and external reviewers to make a thorough scientific review; Anticipated outcomes and impacts. Be concrete here; Timeline and intermediate milestones for the project.
  • Please include references to relevant literature and patents; and provide any unpublished data that you have gathered in support of your project (not included in 10 page limit)
  • Applicants are required to agree to the submission terms terms before their submission is complete.