Guidelines for Inquiry

To complete the pre-proposal you will need to provide the following information: (Please note that all character counts include spaces.)

  1. Name and complete contact information for the company and principal applicant.
  2. Proposal title (100 characters): A short, descriptive title.
  3. Scientific summary/Abstract (1000 characters): Briefly describe the scientific aims of your project and your plan to achieve those aims.
  4. Long-term vision statement (1000 characters): Be bold! Tell us the most far-reaching implications of your project, should it prove successful.
  5. Biographical summary (1000 characters): Tell us why you/your team are supremely qualified to undertake this project.
  6. Timeline and Milestones (1000 characters). List the key deliverables and projected time to completion. Include total amount requested and project duration in months.
  7. Commercialization/Intellectual Property (1000 characters): Summarize your efforts to define and validate the market for your project and indicate how you might commercialize your product/intellectual property.
  8. Other Sources of Support (1000 characters): Please list all other sources of financial support including source (i.e. friends and family, outside investors and grants), total amounts and funding dates. Note: In general, we do not fund companies that have raised over 1 million dollars in outside investments.