Apply / Corporate Diligence


As the final step in our review process, our legal diligence ensures the company is properly established and ready to run. These documents are not required when starting the application process, but do need to be in place prior to Breakout Labs final approval of funding.

  • Corporate Charter (Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation or similar document).
  • Corporate Bylaws
  • Shareholders Agreement or Voting Agreement
  • If business address is in a state that is different from the jurisdiction of incorporation, then evidence of qualification to do business in such other state (e.g. if a Delaware liorporation has a business address in California, we need to see evidence of qualification to do business in the State of California).
  • Current Cap Table   
  • Signed Agreement (s) showing that any relevant IP has been transferred to the company.
  • Signed Agreement(s) showing that company has acquired necessary license(s) to complete the work.
  • Note - this typically includes blanket confidentiality and inventions assignment agreements with key personnel