Our Portfolio

Breakout Labs has been supporting scientists and entrepreneurs working at the intersection of technology and biology for the last decade. Our portfolio of 50 deep science companies has raised over $1B in follow-on funding, grown leather without the cow, developed therapeutics to alter the course of Alzheimer’s, transformed industrial carbon dioxide emissions into useful products, and so much more.

Breakout Labs is not funding new companies, but the team behind Labs isn’t done yet. We launched Breakout Ventures to continue to invest in entrepreneurs building a future powered by science.

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AirAnswers identifies the harmful, invisible bioaerosols that can cause potentially harmful health effects like asthma attacks or cardiovascular issues.


Azitra is developing a microbiome-based platform to deliver sustainable treatments for skin disease.

Bioelectric Devices

Bioelectric Devices is developing AI-driven bioelectronics.


Blumio is giving the century-old blood pressure monitors an overhaul. Through an innovative sensor that can detect arterial tissue movements, Blumio makes it possible to measure blood pressure noninvasively and continuously.


C2Sense is creating miniature, affordable, carbon nanotube-based detectors to digitize gas sensing information and offer actionable intelligence for food freshness, safety, and environmental monitoring.


CalWave harnesses the renewable power of ocean waves to produce electricity and freshwater through its innovative, off-shore Wave Energy Converter.


Cortexyme is developing therapeutics to alter the course of Alzheimer’s and other aging disorders by targeting a specific pathogen tied to neurodegeneration.

Curie Co

Curie Co uses proprietary enzyme engineering and synthetic biology techniques to replace chemical-based-antimicrobials banned by the FDA in personal care products.


CyteGen is identifying and mimicking circulating blood-borne factors that could be used to improve mitochondrial function in many age-related illnesses.


CytoVale measures dozens of single cell biophysical and morphological markers at high throughput and low-cost to develop clinical diagnostics with a flagship product in early sepsis detection.


DropGenie is developing a bench top machine that enables scientists to make meaningful changes to genomes.


Entopsis combines machine learning with a nanotextured chip to create a universal diagnostic platform.


Envisagenics identifies novel therapeutic targets in cancer and genetic disorders, using an in silico platform that combines transcriptomics data with machine learning.


EpiBone is growing anatomically-precise replacement bone from a patient’s own cells.


Exabyte is the fastest way to develop materials and chemicals from concept to product through high-fidelity modeling and machine learning. The platform integrates state-of- the-art modeling tools and large-scale computing infrastructure into an end-to- end web-based solution.


FlightWave is an aerospace company focused on revolutionary energy sources and aircraft concepts. The company’s mission is to dramatically boost the range and endurance of aerospace vehicles, ranging from small UAVs to spacecraft, via carbon-free energy sources.


Gel4Med focuses on engineering smart materials to solve challenging problems in regenerative medicine.


Glyscend is developing a first-in-class, oral metabolic therapeutic which is restricted to the gastrointestinal lining and designed to mimic the benefits of bariatric surgery on type 2 diabetes and weight loss.


G-Tech Medical is creating the “EKG for the gut,” a wireless patch that measures the motor activity of digestive organs.


Immusoft uses its Immune System Programming (ISP) technology to reprogram a patient’s own cells to create a sustained, personalized drug factory.


Inhalon is developing inhalable biotherapeutics for treatment and prevention of pulmonary diseases.

Ion Dx

IonDx developed an ion mobility spectrometer that measures protein conformation quickly and effectively for in vitro-diagnostic development and biotherapeutic manufacturing.


LogicInk makes temporary tattoo-like wearables that are electronics-free and transform to convey useful information about your body or the environment.

Longevity Biotech

Longevity Biotech is developing metabolically stable, synthetic peptides (Hybridtides™) for disease modifying clinical impact.


Maxterial is creating high-performance nanostructured surfaces that remain antimicrobial, water-repellant and corrosion-free.

Modern Meadow

Modern Meadow is transforming the material world by unlocking the power of nature to inspire design for a healthier planet.


nanoGriptech is creating gecko-inspired microfiber adhesive material that is strong, lightweight, and reusable.


Napigen offers genome technologies for mitochondrial DNA to create broad business opportunities including the production of hybrid wheat in agriculture.

NPT Rapid Testing

Nuclease Probe Technologies is redefining sepsis diagnosis by harnessing the power of bacterial proteins to enable the rapid treatment of bloodstream infections with appropriate antimicrobial therapy.

Orion BioScience

Orion BioScience targets disease-activated immune cells with its Soluble Antigen Array (SAgA) technology to promote peripheral tolerance and restore health.


Pelitex is commercializing a new generation of magnetic beads that will improve current products and enable new applications in diagnostics, therapeutics, and drug discovery.

Peroxygen Systems

Peroxygen Systems is a clean chemistry company that makes highly efficient modular electrochemical systems to safely produce low-cost chemical oxidizers on-site.

Positron Dynamics

Positron Dynamics is using anti-matter to construct an in-space propulsion system for faster travel within the immediate solar system and beyond.

Ras Labs

Ras Labs creates electroactive polymer based materials and actuators (Synthetic Muscle™) that contract and expand, attenuate impact, and sense pressure for prosthetics, ear buds, athletic/protective gear, and robotic linkages and grippers.


SciBac designs microbial hybrids using its proprietary gene transfer technology to treat and prevent antibiotic resistant disease.


Seatrec is harvesting clean energy from temperature differences in the environment to provide power at remote off-grid locations.

Siva Therapeutics

Siva Therapeutics is using light-activated gold nanorods to treat melanoma.


STRATEOS automates chemical, biological and image analysis in a closed loop robotic laboratory, granting our partners the power to accelerate drug discovery programs.


Twelve is transforming industrial carbon dioxide emissions into useful chemicals.


UbiQD produces very bright quantum dots (QDs) with a scalable, low-cost process using environmentally friendly synthesis that is free of toxic heavy metals and/or other carcinogenic materials. These QDs harvest sunlight to create power.


ZymoChem is re-designing the microbe to eliminate carbon loss during the brewing of chemicals.