1. Who is eligible?

  • Do you fund companies that are not based in the U.S.?


    No, we do not. As of June, 2014, we only accept proposals from U.S.-based companies.

  • What is the size of funds available for each grant?


    We expect that most grants will be between $50,000 and $350,000 depending on the project needs and potential.

  • How many proposals will be funded in a given year?


    Proposals are received, evaluated and funded on a rolling basis. The number of proposals we fund will depend on the quality and quantity of the submissions we receive and their fit within our funding portfolio.

  • We have already raised funds from other sources, can we still apply for a Breakout Labs grant?


    In general, if you have raised more than $1,000,000 from investors we cannot consider your company for funding. This does not include non-dilutive capital (e.g. grants).

  • Do you fund non-profits?


    No. We can only fund companies (e.g. C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC).

2. Selection process

  • What is your selection process?


    An initial assessment of each application is made by our internal team and advisory board. If an application is a good fit with the mission of Breakout Labs, we seek advice from expert reviewers to evaluate the technical aspects of the proposal. Our internal team makes a final decision on each application based on the advice we receive and with the goal of creating maximum impact with limited funds. Our internal review process may include phone interview(s) with applicants prior to or after review and site visits.

  • How long does your evaluation process take?


    We contact applicants within two weeks of receipt to inform them whether we will be seeking advice from external reviewers. We expect that the subsequent review and evaluation process will take approximately 8 weeks.

  • What are your rules on confidentiality of proposals?


    All proposals are held in strict confidence. Externals reviewers are asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement before receiving the full proposal.

3. Preparing and submitting a pre-proposal/proposal

  • When is the deadline for application to Breakout Labs?


    We accept pre-proposal inquiries on a rolling basis. Once invited, full proposals must be received within 30 days.

  • I'm not sure my project fits with your goals. Can I make an informal inquiry before submitting a full proposal?


    Yes. We ask that all inquiries come through our pre-proposal form here. A positive response does not guarantee favorable evaluation of the full proposal.

  • May I submit multiple inquiries?


    Yes. All pre-proposals are assessed on their individual merits.

  • Are there rough target ranges for the various budget areas? Are there any expectations as to the weighting of these areas?


    No. Needs vary by project and available resources.

  • Will Breakout Labs fund a portion of an overall project?


    Breakout Labs will fund portions of an overall project provided that the applicant retains control of intellectual property and that specific milestones are matched to Breakout Labs funding.

  • I was invited to submit a full proposal, is there a deadline for completing the application?


    Yes, you must submit a full proposal within 30 days of the invitation.

4. Our funding agreements

  • What are the terms associated with Breakout Labs funding?


    Under the terms of our research grant, the company commits to a royalty stream and equity back to Breakout Labs in the event of successful commercialization.

  • Are there any other conditions for funding?


    Applicants are required to deposit data generated by the project in appropriate repositories and to pursue open-access publication options. These requirements should not compromise intellectual property.