By Hemai Parthasarathy

Breakout Labs is hiring!

posted on February 17th, 2017

Breakout Labs Community Manager, San Francisco, CA

Will consider part- and full-time applicants

The Community Manager at Breakout Labs is the person who keeps our various worlds and networks connected and supported with the right messages and materials.  This is your chance to channel your passion for science and start-up teams advancing atoms, not just bits.

You will be responsible for shaping and sharing our unique voice with a rapidly growing network of investors, innovation hubs, and of course, scientist-entrepreneurs, who are bringing true technological innovation to market.

Ideally you have an active social media presence, strong writing and editing skills, and a basic knowledge of and keen interest in cutting-edge science and the challenges faced by early-stage companies.

You will work closely with the Breakout Labs team to develop messages and execute, with a focus on the following key areas:

  • Social media and out-reach: Staying in touch with our community, preserving and growing our regular presence in social media.  Developing targeted communications strategies (investors, applicants, innovation partners etc).
  • Developing new ways to communicate the Breakout Labs opportunity to potential applicants.


If you believe in our mission to catapult groundbreaking science out of the lab and into the market, please let us hear from you: include a cover note, resume or LinkedIn profile. EMAIL:


Required skills and experience:

  • Strong verbal and written communications skills
  • The ability to quickly grasp and communicate concepts across science/technology, business, and philanthropy to diverse audiences
  • The ability to work closely in a small team as well as execute independently
  • 2+ years experience in social media/communications and passion for science

About Breakout Labs/Thiel Foundation

Breakout Labs is a seed-stage revolving fund operating out of the Thiel Foundation in San Francisco, CA. We support companies as they transition radical scientific advances out of the lab and into the economy.  Our portfolio encompasses a range of advanced sciences and technologies, with a focus at the intersection of technology and biology, new materials and energy.  Through funding of up to $350,000, we support our portfolio companies in their efforts to reach key technical milestones (e.g., an initial prototype, proof-of- concept data, or animal studies). The Breakout Labs’ two-year program provides additional support through key introductions to potential follow-on funders, refinement of business plans and presentations, an annual “unboxing” day with potential investors and partners, and resources that facilitate the process of building companies. Breakout Labs was launched in 2012 and funds about eight companies a year.  Our portfolio of 30+ companies is advancing well. To date, 7 companies have secured Series A financing, 2 Series B,1 has been acquired.