By Breakout Labs

Unboxing 2014 in pictures

posted on October 15th, 2014

Our Unboxing event last week was a huge success! (if we do say so ourselves). We loved having all of our portfolio companies together and sharing their progress with our network. Here are a few photographic highlights from our gathering at the Terra Gallery in San Francisco on October 9.

Breakout Lab_2014-54


Lindy Fishburne introduces the afternoon.

Breakout Lab_2014-37


Sonia Arrison and Yatin Mundkur discuss white space investing.

Breakout Lab_2014-31


Todd Huffman presents 3Scan‘s progress.

Breakout Lab_2014-47


Sarindr Bhumiratana discusses Epibone with Barbara Hibino during a break.

Breakout Lab_2014-70


Epibone grows tailored bone grafts (some assembly required).

Breakout Lab_2014-52


This year’s Unboxing had demos, in addition to presentations.  Progress you can touch!

Breakout Lab_2014-80


Is that Steve Jurvetson appreciating our geeky table settings?

Breakout Lab_2014-36


Dame Una Ryan samples Modern Meadow’s lab-grown steak chips.  An “unboxed, breakout flavour,” she declared.

Breakout Lab_2014-151


But most of the food for happy hour came from more traditional sources.

Breakout Lab_2014-130